... and he called the place »EL-BETHEL«,
because there God had revealed Himself to him
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Genesis 35:7

BETHEL christian Hostel in Haifa

Beach and other attractions in walking distance: David Ben Gurion Street & Bahai...

Clean & affordable accommodation in Haifa

  Private and dormitory accomodations for individuals and groups up to 55 Pers...

Inquiries and Reservations {English/Russian}

Any further questions? bethel.hostel.reservation@gmail.com Tel: 972-5-0748-1789 /  972-5...

  • BETHEL christian Hostel in Haifa

  • Clean & affordable accommodation in Haifa

  • Inquiries and Reservations {English/Russian}

Shalom and Welcome to the Bethel Hostel in Haifa!
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In the middle of the German Colony in Haifa, near the harbor and at the foot of Mount Carmel is the Bethel Hostel. We offer a centrally-located, clean and affordable accommodation for Christian groups and individuals who love the land of Israel.

Haifa port, the German Colony, cafes, shops and the lower entrance to the Bahai gardens are within walking distance from the hostel. The beach, the Louis Promenade, the Carmel center, shopping malls etc are easily accessible by bus.

Also day trips to Acre, Caesarea, Nazareth, Tiberias, Megiddo, etc. can be made from the hostel by public transportation.

BETHEL   |   40 Hagefen Street, Haifa, Israel   |   Phone: +972-50-7481789, +972-50-3481780   |   bethel.hostel.reservation@gmail.com